The Drive

The Drive

The Drive is on weekdays 9a-12p, hosted by Matt Ravis and features Coach Pat Jones from Tulsa at 10am. Follow Matt on X @MattRavis

The game-winning drive. A successful drive to the basket. Line drives, a drive down the center of the fairway, your favorite team driving you crazy. And, of course, the drive you take every day with the Sports Animal.

Welcome to The Drive, nine to noon daily on the Sports Animal. I’m your host, Matt Ravis.

To me, the word ‘drive’ evokes a sense of forward motion. It’s also a reminder that YOU help drive the conversation.

In following legends like Bob Barry Jr. and Craig Humphreys, it felt appropriate to hang the Sports Morning name in the rafters. Turn the page, so to speak. Both of their  fingerprints are still all over the show and I hope to make them proud. They sure helped me get to where I am.

I’m thrilled to help drive the next chapter. I’ve been an Animal listener since 2000, listening to Al and Jim as my dad shuffled me to and from practices. I can’t put in to words what it means to have this opportunity. I appreciate the love and support from everyone at the station: Jay Davis, Robert “Cisco” Mueller, Jim Traber, Mark Rodgers, Matthew Meyer, and so many more.

I’m driven to bring you informative and fun radio you won’t find anywhere else.

Matt Ravis

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