Catriona Matthew will not seek Solheim Cup threepeat

Victorious European captain Catriona Matthew said she will not seek a Solheim Cup threepeat in 2023.

“No. That’s over to someone else,” said Matthew, who became the first European skipper to win the Cup twice on Monday in Toledo, Ohio.

Europe’s 15-13 victory against the Americans in the biennial competition followed up a 2019 victory in Gleneagles, Scotland, also under the direction of Matthew, 52.

The next Solheim Cup will take place in September 2023 in Andalucia, Spain.

The European players said Matthew’s successor will have big shoes to fill.

“Our captain’s done a fantastic job with the pairings and the order so we couldn’t have asked for a better captain,” said Georgia Hall of England. “She swapped some of the pairings which worked really, really well and to our advantage — she was amazing.

“She’s just so chilled all the time and is really positive with all of us. She’s amazing.”

Before becoming the captain, Matthew competed in nine Solheim Cups between 1998 and 2017.