Craig Humphreys

Sports Morning with Craig Humphreys

Craig has had a long-standing history with The Sports Animal before taking on the position of Sports Morning host. In fact, he very well could have his own 30 for 30 special about how he came to work with WWLS. The Oklahoma City native was one of the founding fathers of sports talk in Oklahoma. But, there’s more to Craig than what you see on the stat sheet. Craig graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1974. However, Craig claimed he only liked sports from a far during that time. It wasn’t until he was approached by a friend about doing sports radio that he took the chance with WWLS in November of 1992. Craig has been broadcasting game ever since. He was the radio voice of the Oklahoma Blazers minor league hockey team for two seasons in the mid 90s. He also bought his own time slot early in career to have a sports show on various stations. Eventually, Craig would become the man you know as the golf expert. He’s covered the Masters for over 30 years. In addition to the Masters, Craig has covered the PGA and the US Open. He’s also worked with Westwood One and the B.B.C. as the American Voice covering the Ryder Cup. Craig also covered high school football with Mark Rodgers and was the first host of Thunder basketball on WWLS. Craig is married to his wife Bev and has three daughters April, Heather, and Amy. Craig also has a son named Sam. Sam, like his dad has a strong love of golf. He was recruited by North Texas, Southern Mississippi, and Central Florida before playing for the University of Tulsa in 2014. After Tulsa cut it’s golf program, Sam would play for the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Craig knows his stats and dives deep into the numbers bringing you closer to the game. His favorite thing about working for the Sports Animal is “getting to talk sports because I am a sports nut.”

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