Post NFL Draft/Players from OK – Tyler “Teabag” Adams

Post by Tyler “Teabag” Adams – On Twitter @Tyler_Adams14

The NFL is a dream, and the Draft is a cumulation of years of hard work and dedication for football players around the country. It is life changing to young men.

And for five local guys, that dream became reality last week.

OU tackle Anton Harrison was selected with the 27th overall pick in the draft to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Despite having multiple of his lineman having immense success in the NFL, this is surprisingly Bill Bedenbaugh first player to be selected in the first round. And I think that truly goes to show the talent of Harrison. Harrison is a strong, smart player who just got put in a great position with the Jacksonville Jaguars who are one of the NFLs hottest and youngest teams led by quarterback Trevor Lawrence. I think Harrison will find quick success in the NFL and will be a ready to go started day 1 in DUVALLLLL!

In the second round, the Denver Broncos drafted wide receiver Marvin Mims. Mims is one of Oklahoma’s most underrated wide receivers in the last few years. OU fans know how good he is, but I don’t know how well-known he is on a national picture. Mims had over 1,000 receiving yards last year and I think will be an instant impact for the Denver Broncos this fall. We all know Russell Wilson needs as much help as he can get…

And the last Sooner to be taken in the draft was OT Wanya Morris. Although he is not a first rounder- that doesn’t mean Morris can’t be an impact player. Morris was drafted in the third round by the Super Bowl champs Kansas City Chiefs, rejoining for Sooner and teammate Creed Humphrey. As mentioned above, all but one (Harrison) of Bedenbaugh’s products were day two or three guys. So Morris could definitely end up being the Chiefs guy in the trenches. After all, the Chiefs are looking to replace another former sooner in Orlando Brown Jr. who just send a massive contract to play for the Cincinnati Bengals.

And as for the Pokes-

Tyler Lacy was drafted in the fourth round of the NFL Draft to be teammates with Anton Harrison in Jacksonville. Lacy was a force to be reckoned with in college having 30 TFL’s and 11 sacks in his career for the Cowboys. I think Jacksonville got them one helluva a player here in the fourth round. With Lacy’s size, skill and speed can be a starter in the NFL.

And finally, Jason Taylor. Taylor was drafted in the 7th round by the Los Angeles Rams and I think he may be the biggest steal out of the four other guys mentioned. He may not have the size, but Taylor’s keen to find the football in big moments is something one can’t deny. Time and time again his time at OSU Taylor made big play after big play. Most notably, his pick six against Texas in 2021 that turned the game around and gave the Pokes enough momentum to win the game.

I think a lot like Malcom Rodriguez, Taylor is just a dang good football player and dang good football players can find their way onto NFL rosters.

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